Universal Testhead Manipulators

Universal Manipulator for Automatic Test Equipment

Highest precision in wafer testing for Testheads up to 750 kg

The main field of application for our Universal Manipulators is Wafer Testing and Final Testing in the semiconductor industry. Special focus lies on precise handling of Testheads weighing up to 500 kg. Our systems position Testheads precisely to Probers and Handlers with high sensitivity and an accuracy down to a few tenths of a millimeter. In combination with our Docking Systems, the Manipulators achieve a backlash-free coupling to chip handling devices within µm-range.

We adapt each device according to the customers needs and area of application. Customers benefit from space-saving, cost efficiency and maximum operator-friendliness. We react proactively to market changes and new trends, thus able to offer leading-edge technology for our products.

Overview Test Head Manipulators

Similiar to Trolley version, but with linear footing and rotational column

Similiar to Trolley version, but with linear footing and rotational column.

Low cost solution for light weight Testheads.

Flexible solution for mid weight Testheads.

Multifunctional allrounder for higher weight Testheads.

Multifunctional allrounder for higher weight Testheads.

Robust & efficient solution for heavy Testheads.

Universal Testhead Manipulator - cost-efficient allrounder in Semiconductor Testing

We cover a wide range of automated test equipment in the semiconductor industry. Our TDM10 product group is used for handling Testheads weighing up to 120 kg. Probers or Handlers are positioned on the handling equipment in an ergonomic and precise way.

A static column in combination with the single-arm system allows docking within a range of 180°. Various attachment options such as a PC Rack with keyboard holder are available, as well as other customized adaptations.

Handling Manipulator up to 370 kg - high-tech ATE Hardware

Manipulators of the TDM20 and TD2060 series position Testheads weighing up to 370 kg safely and accurately.

They use a space-saving single-arm column, which for the TD2060/R model can also be rotated. Docking is possible within a range up to 240°.

A dynamic test fork suspension automatically performs theta compensation. The practical cable guide keeps all potential obstacles safely bundled in one place.

Handling Manipulator up to 500 kg - Automatic Test Equipment at its best

Our TD2080 series Manipulators move even the heaviest Testheads up to 500 kg with a precision of a few tenths of a millimeter.

The extremely sturdy double-arm system allows for Automatic Test Equipment to be docked in a range of up to 200° and leveled at all positions.

The dynamic fork automatically performs theta compensation. Despite its high performance, the design of the Manipulator remains compact and economical.

If you would like to learn more about our manipulators, please contact us!

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