Revolutionizing Test Cell Automation: AGV-Driven Trolley and Advanced Storage


At Turbodynamics, our commitment to streamlining semiconductor testing doesn't stop at board exchange. We're excited to introduce the dynamic duo of the AGV-driven Probe Card Trolley and our advanced Storage System.

Our AGV-driven Probe Card Trolley is a game-changer. This autonomous vehicle ensures the efficient and secure transportation of critical load boards within your test cell. The advanced technology embedded within this solution guarantees that load boards guided by precision, reduce the risk of damage, and improve the overall testing process.

But it doesn't stop there. Our AGV-driven Trolley seamlessly connects with our advanced Storage System, creating a comprehensive solution for load board management. This system offers a secure and organized environment for your load boards and probe cards, reducing the risk of damage and ensuring they are readily available for testing when needed.

To showcase the seamless operation of our AGV-driven Trolley and Storage System, we've created a new product video that provides an in-depth look at the technology in action. It's a visual journey into the future of semiconductor testing automation, and we invite you to watch it on our website.

Our focus is to simplify the test cell environment, providing operators with the tools they need to succeed. The AGV-driven Trolley and Storage System contribute significantly to achieve this goal, reducing manual handling, enhancing efficiency, and ensuring the integrity of your load boards.

AGV Trolley interfacing at our Probe Card Storage System

New automated Storage System

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