P-Lift® Systems

Safe stand for your Automatic Test Equipment

Pneumatic stand protection for Handlers and Probers

P-Lift® are proven pneumatic stands for Handlers or Probers since 2009. Due to its sophisticated design, the P-Lift® replaces fixed plate feet of Handlers or Probers. With these pneumatic stands, the connected equipment can be raised from roller feet at the push of a button. This combines fast and flexible position changes of handling systems with safe standing.

P-Lift® is powerful – developing a lifting force of up to 2500 kg (with four modules) and an axial stroke of up to 30 mm. The compressed air actuator is free of electronics and provides stability for several days without the need for additional air supply.

P-Lift® is extremely rigid, has vibration-damping effects and can be individually adjusted to your needs – simple, reliable and suitable for both Handlers and Probers.

Key Features

  • axial force of 25000 N at 6 bars (4 modules)
  • axial stroke 30 mm
  • pneumatic air only
  • several days standby without air
  • adjustable
  • less vibration
  • high rigidity
  • for Handler and Prober
  • easy - convenient, instant usage, operation w/o tools
  • reliable - multiple days standby after air pressure drop
  • better yield - solid stand - less vibration

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