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Pogo Tower – Overview

Pogo Tower J750
Configurations up to 2.992 pins

12“ Flex Pogo Tower
Configurations up to 2.070 pins

Pogo Block solution

17“ Flex Pogo Tower
Configurations up to 6.400 pins

Pogo Tower T2000
Configurations up to 4.864 pins


Eagle Pogo tower
Configurations up to 3840 pins


12“ V93k Pogo tower
Configurations up to 2944 pins

Cohu  Pogo Tower
Configurations up to 1920 pins

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Other products from the Turbodynamics portfolio

Usage with bottom loader probe card changers at prober systems and fix mounting position at the prober

Turbodynamics PIB Locker contains a entire probe interface unit. The integration of the TD clam shell into the TD docking plate is unique and simplifies the docking process tremendous. 

Turbodynamics Clem Shell simplifies the changing procedure of probe cards and ensures a safe process flow.

All variations of Pogo Tower types avialable.


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