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Probecard Trolleys

Safety for your Automatic Test Equipment

Probecard Trolleys by Turbodynamics are available both  as Top and Bottom Load versions. Safe transport between storage location and point of use is easy and simple for Probecards weighing up to 40 kg. The latest option is the fully automated Probecard Trolley which automatically transports Probecards between Storage System and Wafer Prober via AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) and the Wafer Prober.

Ergonomic controls allow for maximum operator-friendliness. As a link between your Wafer Prober and our Probecard Storage System (patent pending), the Probecard Trolleys are a further step towards automation in an integrated handling process.

Bottom load

Probecard Trolley for Bottom Load Wafer Probers.

Top load

Probecard Trolley for Top Load Wafer Prober.

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