Storage System

Safe Storage for Probecards and Load Boards

Patented design for best safety

With increasing Wafer sizes from 8" to 12", Probecards and Load Boards are increasingly cost-intensive capital goods. The high weight makes manual handling increasingly risky for employee health, failures due to operator errors and unintentional damage.

Our Storage System guarantees safety for storage and handling of sensitive accessories in Semiconductor Testing.

Probecard Storage

Modular design for maximum flexibility

We are fully focused on customer needs, starting at the earliest design stage. The modular setup of our Storage System offers flexible adaptations to your needs. Capacities can be expanded without major adjustments.

Customer requests for higher capacities can be implemented by our development team at any time. Further customization options allow use for other Automatic Test Equipment beyond Probecards and Load Boards.

Defined process for highest requirements

Processes and procedures in the semiconductor industry are strictly regulated and designed for maximum efficiency. Our products meet these requirements perfectly. For example, our Storage System can easily be integrated into existing systems such as central data management.

Defined and structured processes and procedures for storage, retrieval and transport ensure maximum efficiency and time savings when changing Probecards or Load Boards. Of course, all our products are also suitable for the highest demands of cleanroom production.

Cost efficiency through automation and ergonomic design

The entire process of storage and retrieval can be carried out free of manual operations (hands-free). Our fully automated system moves to the selected storage location and transports Probecards or Load Boards to the removal location. By using a universal carrier plate, all storage locations can be used flexibly and are not limited to a particular product.

Direct transfer to one of our Probecard Trolleys is also automated and ergonomic – manual lifting and moving heavy loads is completely eliminated. In addition to the advantage of avoiding potential damage to the components, the work steps can be carried out quickly, easily and with fewer personnel.

Key features of our storage system

Automated secure storage space for probe cards/load boards

  • “hands-free“ operation of heavy and expensive probe cards/load boards
  • relief from heavy carriage and avoid human error
  • ready for integration into an automated factory
  • automated handover possible together with a
    Probe Card Trolley and/or via Overhead Hoist Transport
  • cleanroom environment compliant
  • controlled and safe process flow

New automatic Storage System

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