Probecard Analyzer Adapter

Turbodynamics GmbH

Solution for the Onto PrecisionWoRx VX4

With our Probecard Analyzer - Motherboard Docking Adapter we have developed the solution for the Onto VX4 Probecard Analyzer. We offer Plug and Play solutions especially for Advantest V93000 Probecards and Teradyne UltraFlex Probecards. It is now possible to use different Probecards in combination with Turbodynamics proven P-Dock® system with highest precision.

With this complex integration we further expand our product portfolio.

The Probecard Analyzer Docking Adapter is suitable for use in clean rooms and enables easy and ergonomic handling of Probecards. The automation of individual work steps avoids operating errors and ensures maximum reproducibility to an accuracy of 0.005 mm.

Main Features

  • ROI Factor - Simpler, faster and more flexible setup changes compared to OEM style
  • Automated docking process with P-Dock© and pneumatic vertical stroke
  • Equipped with operator friendly hinge motion for easy and ergonomic probe card load & unload process
  • Currently three different versions successfully integrated at customer sides
    • Advantest V93k direct probe and final test configuration
    • Advantest V93k EXA Scale Duo configuration
    • Teradyne U-Flex standard configuration
    • Teradyne U-Flex + configuration in development – ready Q2/2024
  • Manual gripper or semi-automatic PC Trolley for more ergonomic load board exchange available

Central to our innovation is the specially integrated Bridge Beam design, engineered to deliver maximum rigidity of the system and unparalleled performance. Even under a maximum load of 200kg, the stiffener flexes a mere 23.8 microns, ensuring consistent and reliable results. Moreover, our ergonomic design prioritizes user-friendliness, making the system both dependable and effortless to handle.

Advantest V93k Probe Card Analyzer Docking Adapter - Gen 02

Advantest V93k EXA Scale Duo Probe Card Analyzer Docking Adapter – Gen 02

Teradyne U-Flex Standard Probe Card Analyzer Docking Adapter

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